Mark Fardell, Team Leader of Vacu-Lug’s Off-The-Road (OTR) department, celebrated 25 years’ service last week.

Mark first started working at Vacu-Lug when he was just 19 years old, originally beginning as a team member in the Mill Shop. This role mainly consisted of building rubber onto tyres by working the two mill rolls in order to form the new tread on the casings. Mark remained in this department for ten years, before moving into OTR.

Back when Mark originally moved into the OTR department, he became the first member of the new Precure section. Precure is the term given to tyres created by precisely buffing tyres to an exact circumference and profile before applying pre-formed lengths of tread to the casing before they enter the curing process. The process requires careful attention, skill and accuracy from team members to attain the desired result.

After working for a while in the Precure department, Mark moved into Runner Repairs for a period, before being appointed Team Leader of the Off-The-Road department in April 2017.

In his role as Team Leader, Mark oversees the weekly production schedule, collects daily figures and reports to the department’s Section Manager.

Outside of work, Mark has been actively involved with local football for thirty years, although he has taken something of a back step since having his two children. He still coaches local team, Harrowby Under 16’s.

Speaking of Mark’s achievement, Managing Director, Tim Hercock, commented:

“I am delighted Mark has achieved 25 years with Vacu-Lug. He brings great skill as well as a natural enthusiasm to his work and we very much look forward to his continuing contribution.”

Chairman, Chris Langham, presented Mark with a special gift to commemorate his service.

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