Vacu-Lug, one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of premium retread tyres and supplier of new tyres from leading brands, distributes a range of both new and retread light truck tyres – as well as new Westlake van tyres – to suit vehicle operators seeking a combination of performance, value and service.

Vacu-Lug’s Duramold light truck tyre range is made up of three different patterns to suit all requirements. The WZE2 is a 17.5” regional tyre, which comes in two sizes and provides durability, wet grip and low rolling resistance. The 17.5” WDE, with its excellent traction, is available in two sizes. It is ideal for local deliveries as well as regional distribution and the 17.5” WZY is also ideal for regional, local and urban use.

Complementing Vacu-Lug’s own in-house range is a choice of new tyres manufactured by Westlake and Yokohama. From Westlake, Vacu-Lug supplies the WDR+1 regional drive tyre (which can also be used for mixed service work), the WSR+1 regional steer tyre and the WTX1 Max Load trailer tyre. These patterns are available in 17.5” and 19.5”. From Yokohama, meanwhile, Vacu-Lug offers the ever-popular 17.5” RY023 steer axle tyre for regional transport.

Vacu-Lug also supplies Westlake commercial van tyres throughout the UK. These are available in the majority of popular sizes to suit requirements and the products have several key features. The SC 328, for example, features four wide ribs to improve mileage and tread life.

By combining its production expertise with products from leading brands Westlake and Yokohama, Vacu-Lug has the ability to offer durable and cost-effective products to its customers throughout the commercial transport industry.

Vacu-Lug’s tyre catalogue is available to view at

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