Preston, Lancashire-based distribution firm James Hall & Co. Ltd has entered into a Pence-Per-Kilometre agreement with Vacu-Lug for the supply and management of tyres for its tractor unit, rigid truck and trailer fleet.  The arrangement will see all steer-axles fitted with new Pirelli tyres and all drive – and trailer-axles equipped with Vacu-Lug Duramold retreads.

“James Hall & Co. Ltd has moved to a Vacu-Lug Fleet Management agreement in the interests of operating economy and efficiency,” says Vacu-Lug Fleet Sales Director Dave Alsop.   “Vacu-Lug is working closely with James Hall to achieve optimum tyre usage through tyre husbandry and service KPI’s.  The savings we are able to deliver by way of this approach are expected to be both substantial and sustainable.  By reducing wastage and ensuring every possible mile is gained from every tyre, we also offer our operators, and their customers, a direct environmental benefit.”

James Hall & Co. Ltd is the north of England distributor for the SPAR network of convenience stores, delivering a range of frozen, chilled and ambient goods to over 500 stores.

SPAR was set up in the UK in 1957 with five founding wholesale members. Today, the business is made up of six wholesale members servicing more than 2,600 stores, employing over 50,000 people and with an annual turnover in excess of £2.7billion.

Internationally, SPAR is now the world’s largest food retail chain, with 13,600 stores in 33 countries. SPAR is a ‘symbol’ group, which means individual members retain their independence but enjoy the advantages of belonging to a global brand. SPAR members reap the benefits of being part of a large international organisation with collective buying and marketing power, a strong corporate image and impressive back-up resources.

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