Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres Limited is launching VFM, an advanced tyre fleet management system that introduces for the first time the ability to merge third-party tyre inspections into a single, web-based reporting format.

“VFM is the outcome of a major research and development project which through its extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities redefines the state-of-the-art,” comments Vacu-Lug’s Managing Director, Tim Hercock.  “The system’s focus is fixed on providing our customers with the best possible service while ensuring best practice is adhered to throughout, both within our own organisation and by our third-party service providers.  As such VFM improves efficiency in operation by speeding up and smoothing the workflow through enhanced data-management and reporting.  These factors will, I firmly believe, lead to the system becoming recognised as the new benchmark for our industry.”

VFM is a fully computerised, internet-based service which enables Vacu-Lug to provide operators with compliant, comprehensive and economic fleet tyre management records.

The system plays a major part in controlling the costs of both Vacu-Lug’s own contracts and those of its clients.  This in turn ensures compliance with customers’ agreed tyre policies and, consequently, the best possible management of their tyre assets.

VFM delivers a number of key features and benefits, both in terms of its operation and its reporting:

Operational features/benefits

  • Work managed on behalf of Vacu-Lug is validated by the system and authorised within the VFM office
  • VFM issues unique system-generated order numbers to help ensure accurate, timely and clean invoicing
  • Invoices from third-party service providers can be automatically cross-referenced and validated
  • The system ensures invoice queries rest between Vacu-Lug and its service providers until resolution

Reporting features/benefits

  • Web reporting provides customers with access to their data 24/7 via the secure Vacu-Lug portal.
  • Costs across a fleet can be analysed in both high and low level detail
  • The system can determine costs by location or by vehicle
  • Online fleet inspection report provides a variety of information, including:
    • Vehicles not inspected easily identified
    • Vehicle monthly inspection dates recorded
    • Remaining tread depth (mm) for each wheel position on the vehicle

The VFM system contains the fleet data for all of Vacu-Lug’s customers and all associated product, policy and pricing information, along with information relating to the Vacu-Lug network of 800 approved service providers.

Fleet inspections with VFM

Fleet inspection information is controlled via Vacu-Lug’s Inspector Link system. Inspection details are recorded and captured using a handheld unit and automatically uploaded directly to VFM upon completion. These handheld units are used by Vacu-Lug’s own fleet audit team and service providers alike.

A unique feature of the system is that Vacu-Lug is able to interface its VFM Inspector Link with other service provider’s own fleet inspection systems.  Data captured in this way is imported directly to VFM where it is merged and fed back to the customer in a single report-format.

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