Key Ring Tread Checker

(Non-calibrated for visual guidance only)

Use the guide at the bottom of the gauge to determine how much tread you have left.

Tyres under 3mm, report for replacement (or regrooving).

Legal Tread Limits

GVW > 3.5T = 1mm
GVW < 3.5T = 1.6mm

Cuts in the tyre reaching the cord

These can’t be any greater than 25mm or 10% of the tyre section width, whichever is greater. If exceeded, report & VOR the vehicle. If less, report for repair.

E.g. 315/70R22.5 = 315 x 10% = 31.5mm

Tread Depth Gauges

PCL Tyre Tread Gauge VOSA Approved

PCL tread depth gauge calibrated 1 – 26mm in 1mm graduations, with a 1.6mm mark.

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SCHRADER Professional Dial Face Tyre Tread Gauge

Top-quality Schrader dial face tread depth gauge.

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PCL Digital Tyre Tread Gauge

A high-quality digital depth gauge.

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