After 21 years’ service for Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres, Yard Manager and proud Irishman, Tom Keegan, has retired from the company quite aptly on St Patrick’s Day – Tuesday 17th March.

Having started at Vacu-Lug back in 1994, Tom has had a busy, varied and extremely fruitful career at the company.

Originally starting out working as a team member within the Initial Inspection department, he was promoted to a team leader role after just a few years.

Proving himself to be a valuable asset to the Vacu-Lug team, his career suitably progressed and Tom began to take on significant responsibilities within the company. Through his role as Yard Manager, a handful of his responsibilities have entailed looking after staff, ordering stock and buying and selling.

Tom’s vast industry knowledge and tyre expertise has served both him and the company well as other responsibilities have involved understanding which tyres are suitable for which moulds, as well as providing departments with targets of how many tyres are to be produced daily, in line with consumer demand and requirements.

Vacu-Lug’s Managing Director, Tim Hercock, says: “With his expert casing knowledge, Tom has made a major contribution during his time at Vacu-Lug. He has dealt expertly with many suppliers over the recent years and delivered a fair but tough deal on many occasions – and with greater reliability than his racing tips! We wish him a long and enjoyable retirement.”

After many years of hard work, Tom is looking forward to spending more time with his beloved family – wife Eva, children Sean and Debbie and his granddaughters Megan, Molly and Ella.

A keen golf player, Tom is a member of Stoke Rochford golf club and usually plays twice a week. With summer fast approaching, Tom is also getting prepared for the gardening season ahead.

Also on the cards is a potential trip to Tasmania with wife Eva in the New Year.

As his Vacu-Lug journey comes to an end, and a new chapter for Tom begins, he says: “I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Vacu-Lug team. Looking ahead, it’s an open road – and I intend to use it.”

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