Leading UK bakers, Greggs plc, has signed a contract agreement with Vacu-Lug Tyres for a managed Pay-As-You-Go tyre policy which will see Vacu-Lug and Pirelli tyres fitted to its 200-strong national fleet from now on.  In addition, a complete tyre husbandry service ranging from routine tyre inspections to emergency roadside assistance, will be maintained around the country, on behalf of Greggs, by a number of Vacu-Lug’s tyre service provider partners.

As part of the arrangement, a full tyre management service will be provided through VFM, Vacu-Lug’s bespoke support system which provides customers with full access to their tyre usage data and associated costs 24/7.

“VFM offers a solution that dovetails in neatly with Greggs’ own business philosophy, which combines centralised core management functions with local level operational control,” explains Vacu-Lug’s Fleet Sales Director, Dave Alsop.  “The idea is that the company should have an overview of its overall costs, while managers at its 11 centres around the country are empowered to operate in the way that meets their own individual needs best.  This is precisely what VFM delivers, as the system allows us to communicate the particular information that is required nationally and locally.”

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