H&H Celcon, the UK’s largest manufacturer of Aircrete blocks, reports significant savings and improved performance for its forklift fleet, since switching to Magna all-steel radial tyres.

Supplied by Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres, the Magna MR800s are fitted to Linde H150 & H160 block-carrying clamp trucks and, says the company, compared to previously used brands, have increased running times by over 500 hours to around 3000 hours per tyre.

“We operate two trucks non-stop, seven days a week”, says H+H Yard Manager, Rob Pettican. These two line trucks take the blocks off the plant into the stock yard. We also operate six, 6 tonne fork lift trucks which load the blocks onto an average of 100 delivery vehicles per day during five, twelve hour shifts. We have been using the Magna tyres for around two years and not only have we cut costs, but owing to the extended life span of the tyres, have reduced downtime for replacements and maintenance.”

Rob Pettican goes on to explain that the life-span of the hard-wearing Magna 1200 R20s is further extended by the implementation of a rigorous tyre management and husbandry regime – which includes wheel and tyre rotations, regular tyre inspections and inflation checks. The work is carried out by locally-based APT Tyres, who also supply and support the Magna range to other end users in the Goole and Humberside district.

“The trucks are operating in a confined area,” continues Rob “and necessarily make constant tight, left and right turns of between 40 and 90 degrees. This eventually causes uneven wear to one side of the tyre. Therefore, we swap the tyres around every two months or when required, thereby extending tyre life to the maximum.”

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the MR800 Industrial tyre comes in eight sizes and is ideal for use on forklifts, terminal tractors and other industrial equipment. With reinforced sidewalls, the tyre ensures greater stability and added safety for both the driver and the load.

“No doubt,” concludes Rob Pettican “with this hard-working tyre and the service to back it up, our operation will continue to benefit.”

H+H Celcon is part of the Danish–owned H+H Group, which has Aircrete sales and production facilities in many countries throughout Europe. Three factories produce the light-weight building blocks in the UK.

Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres is based in Grantham. The company has 60 years’ retread and tyre manufacturing experience and is a leading supplier of retread and new tyres for commercial and industrial vehicle fleets.

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