Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres has helped The Delivery Co (see Editor’s note 1) celebrate its victory in the Retread Manufacturers’ Association (RMA) 2009 Green Fleet Awards by producing what is believed to be the world’s first ever set of green tyres.  Now fitted to the carbon-neutral, 7.5-tonne electric distribution truck operated by The Delivery Co in central London, the silicates used to produce this unique set of green Duramold retread tyres have further reduced their rolling resistance by 18 percent compared to conventional tyres.

The Delivery Co’s win as this year’s RMA Green Fleet was sealed by the fact that its vehicle supports the Mayor of London’s initiative to see more electric vehicles on the streets of the capital.  Furthermore, the standard (diesel) local delivery vehicles employ an advanced telematics system which monitors performance, providing valuable data which is analysed in order to identify further potential cost and environmental savings.  The addition of the green tyres with their superior rolling resistance now takes the whole concept a further step forward as well as providing an eye-catching means of attracting attention to the vehicle and its environmental gains.

Commenting on the green Duramold tyres fitted to The Delivery Co’s electric truck, Tim Hercock, Managing Director of Vacu-Lug Traction Tyres said, “Retread tyres offer a raft of environmental benefits (see Editor’s note 2) and while these particular tyres have been specially produced to highlight The Delivery Co’s achievements, they also make an already outstandingly clean vehicle even more environmentally-efficient.”

Editor’s notes

  1. The Delivery Co

The Delivery Co is a trading division of PaperlinX Services (Europe) Ltd) and has a fleet of 350 vehicles operating throughout the UK delivering paper, board and plastics.  PaperlinX’s UK paper merchants consists of three independently branded companies who operated their own transport fleets.  Integrating the three existing logistics operations to one, The Delivery Co was able to reduce its fleet strength and deliver a reduction in waste, costs and ultimately reduced carbon footprint of the group – without affecting the identity and selling power of the paper merchants. This action reduced emissions by 1,800 tonnes per annum.

  1. The environmental benefits of retread tyres
  • Independent tests have shown the manufacture of retread tyres generates 70 percent less CO2 than that of new tyres.
  • Retreading uses less natural resources – a typical retread uses 75-litres less oil than an equivalent new tyre as well as reducing the demand for energy and other petrochemicals during the production process.
  • Retread tyres also produce less waste. By using retreads, transport operators can cut their tyre waste by 50 percent.
  • At Vacu-Lug, all scrap casings and tyres are disposed of via registered agents approved by the Tyre Recovery Association and wherever possible this waste is recycled.
  • All granular residue and dust produced during the retread buffing process is collected and recycled. This waste is reprocessed into a diverse range of products, including material for road-building, playgrounds and cushion-backing for the carpets.
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