VMS (Vacu-Lug Management System) – The Solution to your Tyre Management Needs

In addition to the manufacture and nationwide distribution of tyres, we provide fleet management solutions to commercial vehicle operators. We manage the tyre requirements of fleets throughout the United Kingdom and offer a comprehensive and competitive fleet management service for all business sectors, ensuring that fleets remain compliant with tyre policy and the law.

Recognising that all operators are different, we provide our customers with a combination of both quality new and remould tyres within a Vaculug fleet management agreement.

At the heart of our service today is VMS – Vaculug Management System – our advanced tyre fleet management system which we have designed to look after the significant responsibility of managing the tyre requirements of the country’s fleets. By utilising VMS, we are also able to ensure that, when it comes to tyres, fleets are adhering to the correct practices.

VMS Explained

VMS is a powerful fleet management tool which allows an operator to:

  • Analyse fleet data live – up to the last transaction – in summary or in detail
  • See accurate vehicle costs
  • See inspection data identifying any missed vehicles
  • Have total visibility of spend
  • Identify high-cost areas
  • Produce regular management reports
  • View costs by location, benchmarking a fleet’s performance
  • Manage your fleet more efficiently

All of this information, and more, is delivered directly to the fleet manager’s computer via our secure web portal – which is accessible 24/7.

VMS provides an operator with detailed tyre and service information relating to their vehicle fleets. It holds all pricing related to specific contracts, including policy preferences and service costs, which is constantly updated following customer review meetings.

The content provided entails service provider details, exact information relating to work carried out, job sheet numbers, reasons for removal, tread depths, serial numbers of both removed tyres and new tyres fitted, the destination of casings and any other service work carried out.

The system both records and notifies service providers of the designated tyre and husbandry policy for each of our customers and validates supplier invoices against work authorised, creating accurate invoicing in line with any contractual agreement.

Our Service Delivery Partners

At Vaculug, we ensure that we select service partners best suited for the operation and location in question. Whilst we remain flexible, our overall objective is to provide service levels which constantly exceed our customer’s expectations.

When deciding on a service partner for a particular agreement, we primarily evaluate them on the following:

      • Their ability to provide a high standard and to maintain service continuity
      • Their area of coverage – national or regional
      • Their reputation and customer acceptance
      • Their willingness to stock policy tyres
      • Their creditworthiness
      • Emergency breakdown response times
      • Properly trained fitters with a minimum of City and Guild qualifications
      • Their provision of properly fitted-out service vehicles
      • Their level of Health & Safety, Insurance and Environmental compliance
      • Their policies, equipment inspections and BSI standards

Although the negotiation of value for money service provision is an important factor when considering a Service Partner, it is our intention to reward them for providing excellent husbandry with the intention of optimising the life of the tyre.

View our Fleet Management Video

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