He was the god of light and truth in Greek mythology, but Apollo has now turned his hand to helping Vacu-Lug further enhance the quality of its Duramold tyre range…well, almost…

In actual fact, Apollo, which stands for Advanced Process Organisation Leading Leaner Operations is the name of a new audit system which provides a comprehensive record of everything and everybody coming into contact with a tyre as it progresses through the retread manufacturing process.

Furthermore, by scanning in the details of each casing arriving at Vacu-Lug’s Grantham production centre, Apollo maintains a complete history of each tyre’s type, source and operating history, including the number of times it has already been retreaded (if any).

Detail of the particular compound used in the retreading process is also noted, which enables the application for which the new tyre is intended to be easily identified.

During remanufacture, the system uses barcode technology to log every action carried out upon the casing and records which member of the Vacu-Lug team performed it.  Apollo is also linked to a new laser marking system, which imprints a permanent serial number on each tyre produced.

“Apollo gives us a comprehensive audit trail for every tyre we produce,” says Plant Manager Brian Barron.  “Not only does the system tell us where each tyre has come from and the type of operation for which it is destined, it also helps us identify issues as diverse as production deviations and instances where additional training may be required.

“As such, Apollo forms an important part of our quality assurance system.”



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