Vaculug strives at all times to meet its corporate and social responsibilities through a pro-active programme of continuous improvement and an adherence to best practice within all of its operations. Our CSR policy matters to us because it seeks to engage with all stakeholders in our business to understand our mission, invest in it and to support it.

Safety in Operation

Both with regards to the performance of our products and in terms of our manufacturing, distribution and support operations, safety is our top priority at all times.

Social Responsibility

Vaculug looks to create a workplace that values, improves and energises people. We endeavour to deal fairly with society and value harmony with the environment. We also seek to create links with local communities which promote and support our mutual goals.

Environmental Responsibility

Vaculug focuses on all aspects of the supply chain to reduce its own carbon footprint. In conjunction with industry-recognised bodies, we agree and set standards for the reuse of tyres and the recycling of those which are beyond further use.

Corporate Responsibility

Vaculug embraces the need to take on the challenge of new technologies which deliver added value to our range of products and services. We will always aim to conduct our business with the utmost integrity and respect to all.

To read more on how we meet our corporate and social responsibilities, click here to view or download our CSR document. 

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