2020 was an interesting year and the word “interesting” might sound like a euphemism when you talk about the year of the pandemic and a time that pushed us all through feelings and emotions that we were not accustomed to. It tested our resilience, shifted our paradigms and, in many cases, changed us and our view points for good…There will always be a before and an after 2020!

For us, at Vaculug, there were also some milestones: We celebrated our 70th anniversary and started living the first day of the rest of our lives with caution but also with enthusiasm. Last year, as for many businesses, was a challenging year; but we set up the foundations of our future and deposited full trust in our industry, our partners and the future of our communities.

We started by solidifying the foundations of any organisation: its people. In a year of crisis, when the natural reaction is to retract and constrain, Vaculug decided to expand and believe… We welcomed 35 new employees to the company and did this with the approach of attracting new talent, no matter the uncertainty and the fears that we all had to overcome. One of these people is Mike Evans. After just one year with Vaculug he has proven all the values that a forward thinking organisation need: far sightedness, work ethos, equanimity and a love and passion for an industry that has tremendous growth potential and an incredible resilience to overcome crisis.

Today, after a year, and filling several positions within the organisation we are delighted to appoint Mike as our new Operations Director… Let’s congratulate Mike on his new role and wish him luck to being able to navigate any tempest during turbulent times.

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